Corporate programs

Rock climbing help you build cohesion and camaraderie within your organization through team building.

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Personal training

We have personal training options to benefit everyone. Get the climbing results you want with our expert trainers.

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You can be in the center of the action. Events at our facility to keep you psyched and teach you a few things.

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Climbing is as much a mental activity as a physical one.

We're excited to offer you one of the best walls ever made in NYC for you to play with.

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A brilliant strength workout is climbing. Shorter climbs are all about power, while over longer climbs you can work on your stamina.
You need to concentrate on manoeuvres while you climb, which will help you build problem-solving skills.


Il boulder consiste nell’arrampicare per risolvere particolari sequenze di movimenti concatenati e dinamici estremamente difficoltosi.

Bodyweight rules

A pull-ups aid your climbing strength, so you should spend more time on bodyweight exercise. No one cares about what you can bench or squat on a rock wall.

Limber up

There’s nothing worse than cramping up mid-movement and coming off the wall to swing around like a fool. Devote time to stretching before and after your climb.

Plan your route

A route plan is essentially a cheat sheet that helps you to make decision before hand and keep track of your progress. Pick your route difficulty and assess the best way up.

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